Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pocketful of Miracles (1961)

Notes: 12/30/10
Love the talented casts that Frank Capra always assembles.
Love Bette Davis! Love Glenn Ford!
Ann-Margret's film debut.
Bette is terrific in the letter scene. Pleading for the letter and reading the news.
Peter Falk is great with the wisecracks. Memorable sidekick character.
Bette Davis is the emotional centerpiece. When the plot strays a bit from Apple Annie, the film loses its verve. When all the characters are together, the film works quite well. When the focus is just Bette, the film is unforgettable.

Review: B
Frank Capra's final film is a glossy remake of his 1933 film Lady for a Day. Bette Davis is moving and heartbreaking as Apple Annie, a beggar who gets a make-over in order to impress her worldly daughter. When the film's focus veers away from Davis, it becomes less entertaining, despite a colorful ensemble of character actors. Peter Falk is quite amusing as the wise-cracking Joy Boy. Ann-Margret makes a charming film debut. Capra is a master at assembling his casts and this film benefits greatly from the direction he gives these performers. In all, a very well-made comedy with almost enough heart to be a classic.

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