Monday, December 6, 2010

Il Posto (1961)

Notes: 12/6/10
Opening scene gives a terrific sense of what this family is like. In less than 2 minutes.
Shot of brother walking towards the camera that's following him while the younger brother runs away from him towards the house. Cool.
Very personal. Everything Domenico goes through is something I can relate with. His experiences take me back to my own experience doing the same thing. Wonderful characters and interactions. Perceptively amusing and heartbreaking.

Review: A-
A young man comes of age as he enters the working world, meeting various people and learning tough life lessons along the way. Wonderful Italian film is perceptively amusing and heartbreaking as we follow Domenico from his family's Italian village to his new city job in Milan. His relationships with his family and coworkers are so beautifully portrayed, showcasing memorable characters and interactions that are instantly relateable to the viewer. Brilliantly subtle direction makes this an excellent film for anyone who's ever had a job. 

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