Saturday, December 11, 2010

A New Level of Adventure

I've put a lot more emphasis on the appreciation and discussion of films in my recent movie-watching adventures. For my 1961 films, I've taken notes throughout my screening that sometimes border on the perverse. I've summarized my notes on the film and thoughts on the experience into a tiny review. A grade is assigned to the film based upon my own personal movie ranking. Somehow I have found a great way to enjoy watching movies and also get the opportunity to share it. The feeling I get from writing about movies becomes a passion all its own. So much dynamism.

Taking films seriously is one way of describing my adventure, but really I think I've found another. Experiencing the passage of time through film, but 50 years before, is astonishing. Watching films grow as I grow and considering how my parents grew, for example, or how American grew. The adventure is very much a life experience. It's so worthwhile.

And, of course, I think this adventure is FUN. The research I do, and all that I learn and discover, is, ironically, the most fun. I also get a kick out of the order I watch movies and how I go about tracking them down. So many are from Netflix or YouTube that it allows me to watch movies without the aid of my Dad's film collection, which I once depended on. There are still at least 30-40 films per year that are only available at my parents' house. I like watching titles that I don't really enjoy, only because it reminds me how good certain other films are.

1961 has given me some pretty cool movies to sit through and write about. I will continue with the mini-reviews and then, perhaps, more content relating to the year in film.

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