Friday, December 24, 2010

King of Kings (1961)

Notes: 12/24/10
I'm kind of surprised to be liking this type of movie. I did enjoy Ben-Hur and Spartacus so I guess this is along those same lines.
Strange to watch Jeffrey Hunter play Jesus Christ. He's good though.
Harry Guardino is awesome as Barabbas.
Not flashy or overdone. Pretty straightforward and expertly handled.
Must be awesome on the big screen.
Memorable final shot. Cross shadow.

Review: B+
Majestic production values elevate this sweeping depiction of the Christ-tale. The cinematography and music stand out, along with the vivid storytelling and memorable narration by Orson Welles. Not always particularly involving, but certainly not boring. This is perhaps the most succint telling of the life of Christ, with expert performances and fine direction.

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