Sunday, May 16, 2010

Celebrity Sightings

You never know who you're going to run into, especially here in New York City. Lots of celebrity traffic on the street that can sometimes go unnoticed.  While taking a break from the AIDS Walk this afternoon, I ended up running into comedian/actor Hal Sparks in Starbucks, of all places.  He was also participating in the walk and I couldn't help but get all giddy and ask for a picture.  I've been a fan of his for years (from Queer as Folk to VH1's "I Love the..." series) and it was a great thrill to get to meet him and briefly chat. 

Now that we have the ability to follow many celebrities on Twitter, it often feels like these people are old friends and not the strangers they really are. Still, nothing beats the nervous excitement of actually meeting one in person or spotting a familiar face on the street.  Here is my collection of celebrity sightings. I love how random it is. 

Jack Palance - The Oscar winner was signing copies of his book of poetry. My first celebrity meeting! I was with my dad and brother and Palance talked to us briefly about directors from the 1950s.
Ralph Fiennes - I spotted him on the street while he was in the city appearing on Broadway in Faith Healer.
James Earl Jones - He spoke at Penn State and did readings from a few Shakespeare plays. What a voice!
EDIT: 10-16-10 - Alan Alda, with a beard, at Lee's Art Supply Store
EDIT: March 2012 - Spike Lee, introducing To Kill a Mockingbird at the Ziegfeld Theater
EDIT: May 2012 - Cameron Diaz, outside of Lincoln Square 13 promoting her new movie.

Edward Hibbert (Gil from Frasier) - He was sauntering through NYC's Joe Allen restaurant one night.
Nicolas Putvinski (Project Runway Season 6) - Met him in a bar once and spotted him in the same place months later. We talked about Heidi Klum.
Robert Osborne - The suave host of Turner Classic Movies co-hosted a screening of All About Eve with actress/singer Elaine Stritch at the Ziegfeld Theater .
Hal Sparks - While participating in the AIDS walk, Hal stopped into Starbucks at the same time I did. He was tweeting on his iPad.

Stephen Lynch: The comedian/singer signed my program after I saw him make his Broadway debut in The Wedding Singer.
Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff: I saw them appear together in the incredible Spring Awakening before they became famous on Glee.
Elaine Stritch: The stage legend co-hosted a screening of All About Eve with TCM's Robert Osborne at the Ziegfeld Theater.

Dave Matthews Band: I have seen then perform 10 times and counting. My favorite band ever.
John Mayer: I have seen him perform 3 times.
Maroon 5: Opened for John Mayer in 2004.
Guster: Opened for John Mayer in 2004
Sheryl Crow: Opened for DMB at Fenway Park in 2006
Pete Yorn: Opened for DMB in 2007.
Hawksley Workman: Took a road trip to Toronto to see this Canadian singer and his band.
Jason Mraz: Opened for DMB in 2009
Bon Jovi: I spotted them from 100 feet away while they signed autographs at Best Buy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Before We Begin

Before we begin, I'd like to share a few words.  This blog exists because I needed to share my varied thoughts on movies, television, books, music, and theater with someone who is at least moderately interested.

If you can imagine a darkened theater where Movies are the ageless star of the show (a chainsmoking diva), Television is the understudy (an ingenue with a secret past), Books and Theater are the supporting players (watching bitterly from stage left) and Music is outside trying to get tickets (doe-eyed and penniless) then you can fully appreciate where this blog is coming from and where it intends to go.  I hope we will find something in common.

Fasten your seatbelts...