Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the Double (1961)

Notes: 12/16/10
Melville Shavelson directs. This looks promising. I get him confused with Frank Tashlin.
Was a bit skeptical about a Danny Kaye movie but this looks fun.
Doubles. Clever title.
Variation on The Prisoner of Zenda. One of my favorite stories.
Funny and entertaining.
Dana Wynter is quite pretty
Danny Kaye is very talented.

Review: B-
Funny showcase for Danny Kaye, allowing him to play a dual-role. The film is a slight variation on The Prisoner of Zenda set in World War II Scotland. Dana Wynter is beautiful and quite good. For fans of Kaye, this is a definite pleasure, while others will still find this comedy quite entertaining.

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