Saturday, December 4, 2010

General Della Rovere (1961)

Notes: 12/4/10
The prison cell scene with the writings on the wall is unsettling.
Air raid outside of prison. De Sica commands other prisoners to have courage.
Interesting character study. Bardone's experiences in the German prison cell bring out shades of growth in the character. He is finally a man among men.
The ability within us to be a respectable human being. A hero. This is a redemption story.
I should watch more of Rossellini's films

Review: B
Character study of con-artist who must perform a con for the Nazis. The talented Vittorio de Sica gives a performance that anchors the film with feeling and emotion. Roberto Rossellini looks at WWII Italy over a decade after the war had ended and sees both flawed and heroic characters in the mix. Some nicely written scenes make the film move along through various setpieces. A well-told story.  

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