Thursday, July 28, 2011

Viridiana (1961)

Notes: 7/28/11
Fun music during opening.
Luis Bunuel directs Silvia Pinal and Fernando Rey.
Learning to milk the cow. Sexual in a non-sexy way.
Strange erotic relationship between uncle and niece.
The Last Supper scene is memorable. Hallelujah.
A bit slow-moving. Fails to get to a clear point.
Themes are clearly religious and sexual.
Great cinematography and images.
Not very surreal considering Bunuel's reputation.

Review: B-
The imagery of Luis Bunuel is impressively on display in an arguably slow-moving tale. Silvia Pinal plays Viridiana, an attractive young woman about to take her vows as a nun. After being forced to visit her bizarre uncle, played by Fernando Rey, Viridiana becomes involved in a series of strange encounters and corrupt behavior. Bunuel is more subtle here than expected, save for one marvelous set piece involving the Last Supper. This Spanish surrealism might take multiple viewings to sink in.

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