Monday, July 11, 2011

Return to Peyton Place (1961)

Notes: 7/11/11
Directed by Jose Ferrer. Not entirely sure why.
Carol Lynley is Allison trying to get her book published in NYC.
Tuesday Weld is almost as bright and pretty as Sandra Dee.
Everything in this movie seems a bit dull.
Mary Astor is the only part of the movie that stands out.
I sort of wish Lynley and Weld had switched roles.
Weld is so magnetic and not used effectively.

Review: C-
Dull follow-up to Peyton Place lacks anything truly scandalous or daring. The cast is easily overshadowed by Mary Astor as a local ghoul who causes trouble for everyone in town. Eleanor Parker does a fair job of filling in for Lana Turner, but her part is seriously underwritten. Carol Lynley is a bit of a bore, while Tuesday Weld is a rather pretty alternative. Fluffy and boring and lacks everything that made the first film so dramatic and fun.

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