Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Last Sunset (1961)

Notes: 7/3/11
Kirk Douglas and Rock Hudson seriously at odds with each other.
Dorothy Malone had pretty eyes.
Joseph Cotten is always a welcome presence.
Robert Aldrich directs.
Jack Elam! Neville Brand! True tough guys.
Carol Lynley looks very young.
Stars didn't seem to have much to do but bicker.
Douglas is such a party boy. He sings!

Review: C+
Curious Western drama finds a starry cast dueling it out near the Mexican border. Kirk Douglas is an outlaw running just ahead of sheriff Rock Hudson. Dorothy Malone is Douglas' former lover, now the wife of Joseph Cotten and mother of Carol Lynley. Romance ensues and tension builds as Hudson closes in on Douglas. Robert Aldrich assembles a perfect supporting cast (Jack Elam! Neville Brand!) but puts little concern into the storytelling. Scenes drag along and the cast doesn't possess the energy one should expect from such reliable performers. Interesting story could have been told with a bit more enthusiasm.

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