Saturday, July 23, 2011

One, Two, Three (1961)

Notes: 7/23/11
James Cagney is perfect. Full of energy.
Arlene Francis has some genuinely funny lines.
Cagney and his secretary are very funny
Love the German language peppered about.
Great location shots. Brandenberg Gate.
Pamela Tiffin is hysterical.
Horst Buchholz is fun. Speaks German!
Rapid fire line delivery.
Marvelous 'Sabre Dance' music.
Very clever final scene. Less than four Cokes.

Review: B+
Rapid fire Billy Wilder script is performed with equal pomp by an excellent cast. James Cagney is perfection as Coca Cola's man in Germany. When faced with a hairy challenge concerning his boss's daughter and her new Communist boyfriend, Cagney must do everything he can to clean up the mess. Fun use of the the 'Sabre Dance' music throughout keep the energy high. Hilarious perfomances from Pamela Tiffin as the boss's clueless daughter, and Arlene Francis as Cagney's dry, patient wife. Certainly a lot of fun, particularly for Cold War enthusiasts.

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