Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Women (1961)

Notes: 7/6/11
Sophia Loren as Cesira. Shopkeeper, mother, lover.
Nice, involving, romantic film set in war-time.
Jean-Paul Belmondo has a great character introduction at the dinner table.
Immediate sparks with Belmondo and Sophia.
Sudden, almost unexpected switch to war tragedy.
Sophia is commanding and heartbreaking.
Mother-daughter version of Bicycle Thieves. A bit more brutally tragic.

Review: B+
Shattering account of a mother and her young daughter attempting to flee from the violence erupting in Italy during World War II. As Cesira, Sophia Loren erupts with fiery moments of realism that maintain her unmatched beauty. Vittorio de Sica carefully directs a harsh depiction of the savagery of war from a civilian perspective. Jean-Paul Belmondo lends a strong performance as a scholarly activist that befriends Cesira and her daughter.

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