Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961)

Notes: 8/4/11
Vivien Leigh is a classy, talented actress.
Scheming Lotte Lenya is very good.
Warren Beatty's accent is just no good. But he's adorable.
Interesting narration to move the exposition along.
Who is this guy stalking Mrs. Stone?!
Jill St. John is a cute American actress.
Lenya is so devious in her role.
Leigh is OK but offers mostly the same stare.

Review: B-
Unusual soaper involves Vivien Leigh as a widowed actress who escapes to Rome finding loneliness to be a harsh lifestyle. As Leigh's friend, the marvelous Lotte Lenya introduces her to handsome gigolo Warren Beatty. Leigh and Beatty are fine, despite having little chemistry, while it's Lenya who delivers the sparks. Great Rome locations and a fine cast. Well made, but a little bit underwhelming.

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