Friday, June 24, 2011

Through a Glass Darkly (1961)

Notes: 6/24/11
Four character chamber play. Fascinating character interactions.
Daughter suffered an illness and was hospitalized.
Ingmar Bergman's quiet moments are on display.
Harriet Andersson plays the mentally ill daughter.
Sven Nykvist does the cinematography – great lighting.
A bit uninvolving, unfortunately.
Not the most entertaining but still thought-provoking.

Review: B-
Quiet, experimental chamber piece from Swedish visionary Ingmar Bergman. Sven Nykvist photographs the film beautifully, capturing the contrasts in indoor and outdoor scenes. Harriet Andersson, a favorite of Bergman's, portrays Karin, a young girl falling deeper into mental illness while vacationing with her husband, father, and brother. The cast does well with their characters and Bergman's screenplay doesn't overdo it with the religious overtones. Despite Bergman's skills, this ranks as one of his least involving efforts.

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