Monday, January 17, 2011

Town Without Pity (1961)

Notes: 1/17/11
Narration seems out of place. Kind of a lazy form of storytelling.
Rape story and German flavor make this stand out a bit.
The music is awesome. Dimitri Tiomkin. Seems a but out of place though. Great title song!
The girl's father is an interesting character.
I like that all involved are both sympathetic and despicable.
Probably could have been done better. Good story, but not as engrossing as it could have been.

Review: C
The title song, while rather out of place, is the best part of this courtroom drama about four American soldiers accused of raping a German girl. Kirk Douglas does well as the conflicted defense attorney and Christine Kaufmann is memorable as the girl. The story and characters have so much promise, but the film itself turns out to be rather lazy and uneven. Too bad.

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