Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bridge to the Sun (1961)

Notes: 1/20/11
Interesting to see an interracial love story on screen. Must have caused some scandal.
Seeing them torn apart by WWII is more fascinating when you remember this is a true story.
Shot of children flying kite together. Most poignant moment in the movie.
Carroll Baker – good performance?
Story could have been more moving and effective with a stronger actress.  

Review: C
Interesting true story, based on the romance between an American girl and a Japanese man during World War II. Scandalous love story is portrayed in a classy way, but the film, unfortunately, offers little else of interest. Carroll Baker, masterful in Baby Doll, just doesn't seem to work in this role, making the film less effective. The tearjerker ending, for example, might have worked better with a stronger actress. The rest of the film could use a bit more energy and some tighter direction.

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