Thursday, January 20, 2011

Angel Baby (1961)

Notes: 1/20/11
Pretty nice cast. Mercedes McCambridge, Joan Blondell, etc.
George Hamilton is energetic and adorable.
Burt Reynolds in his film debut!
Joan Blondell and Henry Jones sure are a show-boating team.
The mixture of sex and religion will surely create some upheaval.
Lots of themes and emotion in this movie. 

Review: C+
Pretty good depiction of evangelism and the manipulation and confusion that surrounds it. Impressive cast prevents the story from being too muddled and helps make the drama work. Joan Blondell and Henry Jones are particular standouts as a boozy, carefree couple. George Hamilton brings great energy to his promoter role and Mercedes McCambridge is defiant as his wife. All are affected by the arrival of young, pretty Angel Baby, who may or may not have healing powers the others can only dream of.

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