Saturday, January 22, 2011

By Love Possessed (1961)

Notes: 1/22/11
Looks like a Douglas Sirk movie, but it's directed by John Sturges.
Cinematographer Russell Metty shot most of Sirk's movies.
Barbara Bel Geddes is quite a mature presence.
Nice music by Elmer Bernstein.
I like the friendship between George and Lana. Nice to see people respecting each other in this type of movie where most people who are angry or bored all the time.

Review: C+
Dramatic soaper, filmed in the style of Douglas Sirk, offers little in the way of an interesting plot. Lana Turner does well in melodrama-mode and the rest of the cast makes the film worth seeing. George Hamilton and Barbara Bel Geddes provide thoughtful performances, elevating their storylines above others. Had their characters been a bit more well-written, the movie might have had more to offer.

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