Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961)

Notes: 1/19/11
Opening narration raises interesting questions. Was there really an Atlantis?
Lots of shirtless Anthony Hall make this movie difficult to get bored with. So far, at least.
I like John Dall, but why does he clothe Anthony Hall with a salmon bathrobe? I have nothing to stare at anymore!
Edward Platt is a strange choice for the high priest. He doesn't do much but make faces.
Disaster time! LOTS of stock footage.

Review: C-
Special effects (and stock footage) highlight this George Pal production concerning the downfall of the mythical continent of Atlantis. Not the greatest of its genre; some of the acting is lazy and the editing is slightly sloppy. Anthony Hall (aka Sal Ponti) runs around without clothes on for much of the movie, giving it a much-needed spark. John Dall and Edward Platt add some class in supporting roles, but both appear to be running on auto-pilot. Film is mostly silly, but not as bad as one might expect.

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