Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parrish (1961)

Notes: 5/3/11
Glossy production. Delmer Daves directs. Max Steiner does the score.
Lots of connections to Susan Slade – Donahue, Stevens, Daves, Steiner, et al.
Claudette Colbert! Living legend on screen again.
Diane McBain and Colbert have a bitch-off.
Way too long and a bit too over-dramatic.
Colbert deserves much better and Malden is overheated.
Troy and his young actress co-stars are rather boring.

Review: C-
Yet another glossy soaper from the creative team behind A Summer Place. Unfortunately, this empty melodrama lacks the necessary spark to make a viewer care about any of these characters for over two hours. The presence of legendary Claudette Colbert, as well as seasoned actors Karl Malden and Dean Jagger, lifts the film above mediocrity, but the characters are poorly developed. Troy Donahue and the ladies that surround him are all pretty robots. Even the Max Steiner music is forgettable! A waste of time and talent.

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