Monday, May 30, 2011

The Devil at 4 O'Clock

Notes: 5/30/11
Spencer Tracy is a priest and Frank Sinatra is a convict
Lots of serious issues and not enough humor.
Spencer just seems angry all the time.
Sinatra is too serious and doesn't get to flex his charm.
“I just felt the devil pass under my feet.”
Kerwin Matthews is a young priest. Sort of boring.
Turns into a volcano disaster film.
Still proves to be a bit dull.
Lots of religious talk. Tracy is, of course, a priest.

Review: C
Heavy religious themes and not enough humor make this film rather dull. Spencer Tracy is an aging priest who employs convict Frank Sinatra to rescue children from a leper colony when a volcano violently erupts. Too serious and self-important to capture viewer's attention and the stars are not given a proper showcase for their talents.

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