Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paris Blues (1961)

Notes: 5/4/11
Sidney Poitier, Paul Newman, and Joanne Woodward! Mega-stars.
Louis Armstrong appears in a character role.
Diahann Carroll plays Joanne's friend.
American jazz-lovers enjoying the jazz flavor in Paris.
Romance quickly blossoms between each couple.
Despite the cast, the music by Duke Ellington is the real star.
Terrific direction of the music scenes. Such great music.

Review: B
Americans Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier are struggling blues musicians in 60s Paris who meet vacationing fellow Americans Joanne Woodward and Diahann Carroll. Sparks fly like jazz beats when the four pair up and fall in love. Moody, authentic, and unglamourous black-and-white depiction of Paris is a great showcase for real-life couple Newman and Woodward. The performances and romance are swell, but its the terrifically directed sequences featuring Louis Armstrong and the scoring of Duke Ellington that make the movie special.

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