Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Hoodlum Priest (1961)

Notes: 5/31/11
Irvin Kirshner directs. One of his first features.
Not much else of interest in this plodding crime drama.
Don Murray is charismatic and also wrote the screenplay.
Overblown, unfocused, and not entirely involving.
Kirshner delivers with directorial touches. Realism is achieved.
Downbeat conclusion is the film's highlight.
Keir Dullea is the whole show. So much sweat and fear.

Review: C
Don Murray co-wrote and stars in this slightly overblown tale of a city priest who ends up devoting his life to reforming young delinquents. Young Keir Dullea steals the film as a sensitive young 'hood' who is helped along by Murray's guidance. Irvin Kirshner directs with fine realism and a few gritty flourishes. Dullea manages to make the film's downbeat conclusion a must-see. Unfortunately, as entertainment, the film lacks focus and plods along aimlessly.

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