Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Young Savages (1961)

Notes: 4/3/11
Flashy opening credits. Talented director John Frankenheimer.
Burt Lancaster and Shelley Winters make this movie a must-see.
Shelley Winters as Mary diPace. Love it!
Murder of young boy, shot very tastefully, is still shocking.
Heavy subject matter. Racism, death penalty, gangs, juvenile delinquency.
Dina Merrill is pretty, but her role is a bit limited.
Well-made but not entirely effective courtroom drama.

Review: C+
Courtroom drama starring Burt Lancaster as a district attorney prosecuting three teenaged delinquents charged with the murder of a young Latin boy. Shelley Winters does well as the mother of one of the boys on trial. Film touches on heavy subject matter, like racism, death penalty, gangs, and juvenile delinquency, but fails to draw any satisfying conclusions.

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