Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)

Notes: 4/27/11
Seriously, a title song? Sung by Frankie Avalon.
Curious cast! Joan Fontaine and Walter Pidgeon with Barbara Eden and Frankie Avalon.
Irwin Allen directs. Eventually made Lost in Space and disaster films.
Fontaine reminds me a bit of Patricia Neal in this.
Peter Lorre shark-walking. Much amusement.
Pidgeon was a good actor without ever truly hamming it up.
Great supporting cast. Mostly silly antics.

Review: C+
Mostly silly Irwin Allen adventure tale in the tradition of Jules Verne's underwater adventures. Walter Pidgeon leads a submarine crew to prevent the Earth's radiation belt from exploding. A bit too far-fetched, but not without general good humor and escapist adventure. Appearances by a fine supporting cast, including Joan Fontaine and Peter Lorre, make the film sparkle well enough.

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