Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mysterious Island (1961)

Notes: 4/3/11
Opening credits are very exciting. Bernard Herrman does the music!
First half hour is a slow blend of Civil War, seafaring, and a slight British feel.
Suddenly – giant crab monster!
Awfully talky. The effects really do stand out to some degree.
Interesting female characters. British femmes.
The giant bumblebee attack in the honeycomb. Exciting stuff.
Review: C+
Good Ray Harryhausen effects can't compensate for a slow-moving, rather talky production. Giant crab monsters and killer bees make up the highlights in this Jules Verne adventure tale about castaways on an island inhabited by very strange creatures. Herbert Lom shows up as Captain Nemo, but none of that plot thread proves all that interesting. Viewers will likely find themselves growing impatient when the special effects are not the focus.

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