Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Comancheros (1961)

Notes: 4/13/11
Amusing opening duel. Stuart Whitman is fun.
Exciting music by Elmer Bernstein.
Last film of the great Michael Curtiz.
Not sure what to make of Ina Balin. Pretty, but boring.
Nehemiah Persoff is memorable. Great voice.
John Wayne sure had a warm presence.
Not really following the plot.
Film gets by on music, cinematography, and charming cast.

Review: B-
Exciting John Wayne western owes quite a bit to its Elmer Bernstein music score, as well as a charming cast. Stuart Whitman stands out alongside Wayne and Nehemiah Persoff proves to be a memorable villain. What is lacking in plot is made up for in technical achievements. A worthy swan song for legendary director Michael Curtiz.

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