Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Mark (1961)

Notes: 8/7/11
Guy Green directs a terrific international cast.
Stuart Whitman is a perfect everyman.
Rod Steiger with an Irish accent.
Maria Schell is icy and attractive.
Brenda de Banzie is his landlady. Marvelous.
Serious story told very well. Great drama.
Whitman is just fine in Oscar nominated role.
Fine performances and very dramatic and honest.
Great mix of British and American filmmaking.

Review: B
Fine performances throughout this film including Stuart Whitman as a man attempting to build a normal life after serving time for kidnapping a young girl. Rod Steiger is memorable as Whitman's patient therapist and Maria Schell is heartbreaking as the woman who loves Whitman while avoiding the truth of his past. Guy Green fuses British and American sensibilities to create an honest and dramatic telling of a complicated man searching for a new life.

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