Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mr. Sardonicus (1961)

Notes: 6/7/11
William Castle introduces this chiller. References Homicidal, his other 1961 film.
Oscar Homolka (with stitched-up eye) plays Krull.
Creepy black-and-white photography.
Castle is lit like a grinning skull.
Baron Sardonicus. He wears a mask?! What's up with his face?
Punishment Poll. Audience can decide the fate of Sardonicus.
Has Mr. Sardonicus been punished enough?

Review: B-
Creepy black-and-white chiller from William Castle owes many elements to 1930s horror films. An English doctor is called to the home of Baron Sardonicus, an unusual masked gentleman, for an equally unusual favor. Castle's brand of audience interaction is clever this time around asking audiences to vote in a Punishment Poll to decide a character's fate. Oscar Homolka provides a memorable character role as Krull, the manservant to Sardonicus. Overall, the film is relatively on par with Castle's previous efforts, offering enough shocks to keep an audience amused.

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