Wednesday, March 16, 2011

101 Dalmatians (1961)

Notes: 3/16/11
Lengthy, colorful opening credits. Lots of spots.
Cute, cute, cute.
The women and their dogs. Fun similarities.
Cruella de Vil - villainous joy! Excellent entrance. Green toxic smoke.
Love the scene with the puppies watching the cliffhanger with the heroic dog.
Too much time spent with the farm animals and with Cruella's henchmen.
Exciting escape scene with the soot and footprints and Cruella prowling around.
Possibly one of the cutest Disney movies. Love those puppies!

Review: B+
Possibly one of the cutest Disney movies follows the adventures of a dalmatian couple and their offspring in 1960s England. The lives of the dalmatian puppies are soon threatened by Cruella de Vil, one of cinema's most memorable villains. Unique-looking animation and charming characters make this one of the most enjoyable of the later Disney classics.

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