Thursday, March 17, 2011

La Notte (1961)

Notes: 3/17/11
Very philosophical. Themes of life and death.
When you're alone you begin to appreciate things more. The important thing is to create something lasting.
Men are constantly chasing Moreau, but she keeps running away.
Mastroianni seems to come across girls he can't hold on to.
Monica Vitti steals the movie.

Review: A-
Quiet, reflective, simple study of a crumbling marriage seen through a series of events leading up to a long night of meditation. The lead characters are Mastroianni and Moreau, each bringing the right levels of masculinity and femininity to their roles. Man and wife each undergo numerous mental and emotional challenges while visiting a sick friend, carousing at a rich man's party, and meeting other people. The film maintains Antonioni's typically deliberate pacing, as well as his ability to forsake narrative for imagery, assuring that he is a cinematic artist. Monica Vitti is marvelous in a crucial supporting role.

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