Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Rode Together (1961)

Notes: 2/28/11
John Ford always assembled an awesome cast.
Actors followed him for most of his career.
James Stewart was such a comforting presence.
Richard Widmark is a memorable scene partner.
Lots of bickering that isn't all that fun.
Shirley Jones has kind of a boring saintly character. So different from her great work in Elmer Gantry. Perhaps she was just never able to top that role.
Some shades of tough guy James Stewart.
Missing stronger themes. There's nothing new to say.

Review: C+
OK John Ford Western highlighted by the cool pairing of James Stewart and Richard Widmark. The supporting cast is peppered with Ford's usual actors, but most of them have little to do. Even Shirley Jones is wasted in a fairly boring role. Lots of bickering and not enough good drama. The elements are there, but Ford seems to avoid exploring deeper themes, making this an average title in his filmography.

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