Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sanctuary (1961)

Notes: 2/26/11
Lee Remick was pretty and certainly dedicated.
Bradford Dillman is hot but has a nothing role.
Yves Montand does absolutely nothing for me. Not a fan of his character.
Uninteresting, rather boring story lacking any energy.
With better music, editing, and direction, this could have been better.
Don't really care much about anything or anyone.

Review: C-
Uninteresting, rather boring story is lacking any energy, despite an attractive cast. Lee Remick makes the best of her role, but nothing else really stands out. Bradford Dillman suffers from a thankless role, and Yves Montand is very unlikable as a creepy Creole. Better direction and a more interesting script could have conjured more effective Southern drama from this wasted effort.

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