Saturday, November 6, 2010

All in a Night's Work (1961)

Notes: 11/6/10
Great supporting cast and fun opening credits with music by Andre Previn.
Introductory shots of Shirley's character is lightly daring with the camera lingering on her ladyparts.
Cliff Robertson! One of my favorites. So cute.
Shirley MacLaine was a very likable leading lady.
Norma Crane is fun as Shirley's friend.
Story is kind of silly and uninteresting.
The cast pretty much makes this movie worth watching. Shirley and Dean in their prime.
Review: C+
Shirley MacLaine and Dean Martin were pretty much at the top of their game when this forgettable little romantic comedy came about. No one ever talks about it anymore, and that not really a surprise. Despite the likable leads, the supporting cast offers the most interesting elements. Good to see Cliff Roberston, even if it's in a lousy 'nice guy' role. Worth skipping in favor of the stars' other 1960-61 efforts.  

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