Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)

Notes: 10/23/10
Fred MacMurray is very likable to watch, even when playing immoral characters in Double Indemnity and The Apartment.
Enjoyable Disney. Good direction. Well shot.
Keenan Wynn makes a fun nemesis..
The flying car scene and the basketball game are pretty cool. Not bad special effects.
One enjoyable scene after another.
Fun without being hokey or overly-sentimental.

Review: B
Enjoyable live-action Disney with a delightful Fred MacMurray as the titular professor who invents a flying rubber known as flubber. Keenan Wynn is also fun as the businessman looking to cash in on the professor's creation. Lots of fun sequences, including a rousing basketball game and a late night ride in a flying Model T. Great for kids, without being too hokey or overly-sentimental for adults.

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