Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writing, Blogging, and Critiquing Films.

For as long as there has been art, there have been critics. Everyone seems to have an opinion and so many feel the need to share their opinions with others. Christopher Nolan's latest film Inception has been the subject of countless critiques and debates by both estimable film critics and average moviegoers. The film has sparked so much discussion that it has instantly become THE must-see movie of the summer.  Much of this buzz is owed to the writing of critics and bloggers, whatever their opinions may be.

Personally, I am not much of a film writer, or even a critic. I would call myself an appreciator of films. Some movies might be better or more enjoyable than others, but I respect movies even if I don't love them. Admittedly, there are more and more movies being released that just look unbearable, prompting me to avoid them at all costs. Out of sight, out of mind. Some movies, however, are worth the endless discussion that film critics and bloggers take part in. Writing about a film is probably the most effective way to share the experience of watching one.

Despite my disinterest in being a film critic, I would like to archive my thoughts into a more substantial form. Too often do I allow my thoughts on films to settle in my mind. I realize now that writing about film does not necessarily mean critiquing it. It can mean appreciating it and sharing it and revisiting it.  Beginning with 1961, I'd like to write brief notes on all the movies I watch. Collecting my thoughts, compiling them into a brief essay form, and sharing it all with other film lovers is, perhaps, the most important thing I can do as a film lover.

I imagine it's easy to get lost in the sea of critics and bloggers. Standing out and being heard are not my objectives. Instead, I'd merely like to find others like me who share the same appreciation for film and film culture. Through writing and blogging, I hope to find my voice and my audience, as well as gain the opportunity to share and discuss the absolute joy that film gives me. I can't wait to be a part of it all.

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